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So I'm watching Bones. What made me watch it after 4 years and at least one urging from a friend? I was at my moms friends house and while they were talking a Bones marathon (or something) came one and in it was the episode were Bones and Booth go to Vegas. There's a scene in it were Bones is playing some card game, and winning by counting cards, Booth comes up to her trying to get her to leave and she starts explain to him, in front of the dealer, how easy it is to win; all you have to do is count cards. Booth starts getting nervous and tries to get her to stop. She of course, doesn't' understand why he's nervous about her talking about how she won.

Why did this get me interested enough to at least rent the DVD's. I remember reading a meta essay once about why all the eccentric genius in media were men. (I'm sure every one in the audience knows the answer to that one.) They person may have mentioned Bones as the only example of a female genius in current and just off air media. (Sam Carter of SG1 does not count. She is Canon Sue. She's a hot blond, in the military, super scientist, geeky in the ways of things like star trek or star wars, but also capable of interacting in the real world like a completely normal human being. If it were a non-live action show she would have the figure of either a Barbie or classic comic book woman. Which is not to say that I don't like her, just that we should be open about what she is.) In fact the I think the person did mention Bones in making a comparison between here and Charlie Eppes (and maybe Spencer Reid?) Saying that Charlies eccentricities make him look cute, Bones make us question her childhood.

For the record if we weren't given so much info on Charlie (and Don's) childhood I would wonder about what happened in it just like I do Bones (I obviously haven't seen much yet so if they do talk about her childhood...Opps?) and I totally find Bones' eccentricities cute. But I can see that most people would wonder about Charlies childhood in a 'what happens to a boy geniuses' kind of way, while about Bones it would be a 'why isn't she normal' kind of way. I like that though. While I always want media portrayal of (insert oppressed group here) to be better then real live lets them have, I also appreciate showing real life difficulty (as much as a TV show can), and in real life it is difficult for women to be not normal, especially in a way that is having a prized-by-society skill.

One reason I can see liking Booth as much as I do Bones is that I can see him treating Bones the same way if she were a man, out side of the obvious to come UST. (Because Booth might be one of the few media characters that I see as 100% straight, no dude/dudette exception.)

So I'm really excite about Bones and hope that it hasn't jumped the shark already.
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