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So, I haven't written anything in a while and what your getting is the ramblings that I wrote during class to keep me from falling asleep or playing on the internet.

Joy for you.

I guess a war was going on – law student about WWII

“I don't want to jump ahead.” he said as he went ahead a brought a later case into the argument

not that your water isn't interesting, but back to the case – law student to professor

we were discussing his inadequacies in torts – Female law student about male law student to professor

...and the flaming lawn mower – professor

...Bare down on breach – professor

One of my classmates in talking about a case with an elderly person as one of the parties called the person 'old'. The professor, possible being older then the party, razzed on the student a little, rest of the class laughs a little. In class the very next day, (with a different, but once again 'older' professor) the same student is present another case with and elderly party and once again calls the party old. Class laughs, professor doesn't understand why. We explain why we laughed, then the professor explains the politics of calling some one old. Then he razzes the student a little. I'm waiting for the third time the student calls a party old (I'm hoping its in torts the other class with an 'older' professor).

We were talking about water rights of LA in Property and the professor mentioned that LA is now the second largest city in the US. My automatic response is 'and it has no public transport system.'

So I did some law school blog reading before classes started, and all of them said that your going to feel like you back in high school. Clogged hallways to get to classes, lockers, cliques. and... well yes law school is more like high school then undergrad (though I've consistently done the same amount of work (next to none) even though it should be continuously increasing, and I'm going way less then what everybody says you NEED to be doing in law school.) Why is this big enough to be in my weekly (supposedly) updates. The biggest non-academic activity here besides law clubs and drinking (juvenile in the way it is pursued even if it is now legal)... sports teams. and there was just an announcement about a touch football game with a reassurance that there would be cheerleaders.


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